Mini Talon 3d Parts

Mini Talon 3d Parts

Mini Talon 3d Parts


This article is a collection of 3D print parts specifically designed to fit the X-UAV Mini Talon. These have all been printed and most have been flight tested and even a few – crash tested :).

Many of the parts found here are also on my Thingiverse pages although since all parts are published here first, this is where you will find the most current versions. As on Thingiverse, everything found here is protected by Copyright and licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International” license.

Enjoy – Mark

Canopy’s and Set-ups

I have redone the feature set that makes up this 3D model smoothing out the surface and profile and changing the NACA style vent to side air scoop type vents. It prints more cleanly now and I have added a version which will support either the Geared Pan & Tilt or the 390deg Pan & Tilt. Below you will find the latest versions of this fun design with downloads for all the printable STL files.

NOTE: I have compiled a simple list of the different canopy styles along with their compatible mounts which can be found on the page – Canopy and Mounts Compatibility

Plain Canopy

If you want to simply cover the nose for a more appealing look or need something to fit to your own structure this may be the part you want. The two FPV camera mounts are optional.

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