covid ventilator çoklu

covid ventilator çoklu

covid ventilator çoklu

Zor şartlar yaratıcılığı arttırıyor. 1 solunum cihazını 4 kişide kullanma aparatı. FDA izin verdi 3D yazıcı ile üretilebiliyor. Şimdiden hazırlamak lazım bundan.



Let’s be clear: if you print this and use this on a patient, that is your responsibility. I make no representations as to the safety of this device. It’s an experimental model designed to stimulate conversation. The world is running out of equipment, we need to think about alternatives.

This post accompanies a submission (19 March 2020) to the journal Anaesthesia entitled “3D Printed Circuit Splitter and Flow Restriction Devices for Multiple Patient Lung Ventilation Using One Anaesthesia Workstation or Ventilator”.

The COVID-19 condition/SARS-CoV-2 virus has resulted in widespread ventilator shortages.

This device enables multiple patients to be ventilated with the one anaesthesia machine or intensive care ventilator, similar to that described in Dr Charlene Irwin Babcock’s recent video:

This device takes that concept one step further by enabling the selective application of flow resistance to one of the patient’s inspiratory limbs, thus enabling the ventilation of two or more patients with differing inspiratory pressures. Formal laboratory testing is pending. It is designed to be compatible with the international standards for 22mm breathing circuits.

Please see the additional photos and diagrams for the suggested connection layout.

The attached 3MF file contains all the correct settings for Prusa Slicer. The G code is for an Original Prusa i3 MK3S MMU2S single filament configuration.

Printing 2x splitters and 1x flow restrictor should take 6 hours.

The 4 way splitter has not been tested, but is published by popular demand.

The author (Alexander Linden Clarke) makes no representations as to the suitability of this device for clinical practice and takes no responsibility for the misuse of this device. This device has not been tested or approved by any governmental organisations.

Technical drawings are on my website:

Twitter: @fifteenforty

Resources for those interested:
Design of anaesthesia breathing circuit connectors:

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